Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Changes Of Trend- Watch TV On Web!

Due to the fast developing of internet and IT worlds, all the football fans are able to watch the live football on the internet from their Pc or laptop at any place or any time as long as there is internet access.

From the individual TV sets to cable TV, satellite TV with dish until now the satellite TV on pc. You all can see the changes of trend. Watch TV on web are the future television set. This all must thanks to the programmer who created this kind of software. The software call Satellite Direct TV.

Let me introduce the benefits and features of this software:

1.) No recurring fees or monthly fees charged.

2.) Instant access after your payment is made. No complicated steps , easy and friendly to use.

3.) Large selection of channels. Over 3,500 channels from 90 countries top station for you to select your favourite channels.

4.) Flexible of time and place by installing the software to your laptop. Accompany you around the world, as long as there is internet access. You will never ever miss your favourite live sports event or live TV shows.

5.) Free updates channels and technical support.

6.) 100% legal guarantee. All the channels they provide are public broadcast

7.) Able you to hook up your PC with the HDTV. It allowed you to enjoy favourite shows on 42" screen.

8.) No need any hardware to support your satellite TV.

9.) No spy ware or adware that can harm your PC.

Yes, as I mentioned before, no monthly charges. All is just one time payment, and you can enjoy for whole life access. Another good news is the Satellite Direct TV is doing discounts now, from the price of $149.95 decrease to $49.95. With all this benefit at just $49.95, what are you waiting for? Stop your Satellite cable TV right now, save your money and enjoy your favourite live football on internet.

Is it real? Is it a scam? These two questions are mostly asking by people including me (before I subscribe). The answer is YES! Further more, this TV software provided a service of guarantee satisfaction to protect and give confidence for their customer, but I can believe that you all will get no chance to use this service, cause it is 100% satisfy as I had tried on it.